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Nayarit is located in the Western part of Mexico. With a significant share of coastline on the Pacific Ocean, including the Marías islands, the awesome beaches of San Blas and the so-called "Riviera Nayarit" with the perfect salinity level and water temperature of this area, it produces a distinctive kind of seafood, and combined with local ingredients, helps to create tasty dishes.

El Capitan has invested time, money and effort to be able to duplicate the recipes, substances, seasoning and flavors of the Nayaritas and transport them all the way to Hobart! To offer to its friends and clients a unique culinary experience of this delicious cuisine right here in the Indiana and Midwest areas!

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Grilled to perfection meats and chicken served on parrillada style (grilled) or served in a molcajete (basalt rock bowl) to preserve juices and flavors, along with our combination of skillets, will offer a pleasant alternative to every one that comes with you to our restaurant.


The best drinks on the bar

The micheladas prepared on El Capitan bar are not only created to complement and enhance the taste of each meal served here but also to be enjoyed by itself! The micheladas are carefully crafted with original “special mix” selected combination of beers, sauces, cucumbers and shrimps to make of each sip a perfect transportation to a beachy paradise without leaving Hobart!

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Seafood and Micheladas are not a new concept of delicious food and drinks, however, it is in a new way that is prepared that make this perfect duo a unique flavorful experience.

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